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To all shark lovers:


Just because there’s no shark fin soup in your city, it doesn’t mean that there are no shark products. Here's a good list of other uses for shark. I want to encourage all of you to keep an eye out for those things in your city! Then, I want you to do something about it! Through the Shark…


Good news! NOAA Fisheries just gave scalloped hammerhead sharks protection under the Endangered Species Act!  Sharks worldwide are in danger because of “finning” for shark fin soup, and accidental bycatch. We’re glad to have played a lead role in passage of the shark fin ban in California, a movement that’s spreading to many other states – and even to China! Learn moreWatch them live on exhibit


Hong Kong’s government has announced it will stop serving shark fin and bluefin tuna at official functions!
“In a press release, the government said it was taking the step because the items “have aroused international and local concern because they are either captured or harvested in ecologically unfriendly or unsustainable ways, or cause other conservation concerns”.
[Source: BBC]
After a decade of campaigning…but better late than never. This is on the heels of China’s decision to do the same, last year. Plus several airlines have banned the transport of the fins, making it harder for supply to meet demand. Hopefully we’ll see more of a domino effect across the region. 


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